luteal phase length

Luteal Phase Length and The Problems

What is a luteal phase length? In this post, we will discuss about “Luteal Phase Length” as our health articles. This is the period in which women ovulate until the first day of menstruation. So, this is also referred to as the moments of the risk of pregnancy. If fertilization occurs during this period, the fetus will be attached to the uterine wall. That is what is referred to as implantation. However, it is good news for those who want a pregnancy. After many months, a woman should know that to experience pregnancy.

luteal phase length

Unfortunately, there are conditions when a woman may not have a perfect conception. There is a condition when women are not aware that they have a phase defect. For such cases, there are several solutions that can be applied to prevent it.

Luteal Phase Length and What We Should Do

However, luteal phase length consists of about ten days. So, it is ten days before the next menstrual period. At this time a woman can take the opportunity to have intercourse with her ??husband. If you want to experience pregnancy, it can be done routinely. Nonetheless, there are several other factors that must be considered as a healthy food and a healthy body. For ten days before your period, it is good to always keep nutrition intake. At the same time, a woman should always exercise; at least it can be done for a few minutes every day. With a serious concern, it is expected that the pregnancy will be achieved quickly.

Phase Defect and Causes

Once we know the luteal phase length, we also must be aware of the defect condition. If it occurs in less than ten days, then a woman could be categorized as a luteal phase defect. Therefore, one would need more than ten days to maintain implantation. If not, the uterine lining will collapse too early. Unfortunately, most women do not realize it, and they are still trying to get pregnant. During ovulation, it must be considered carefully and day care.

With the average luteal phase length about ten days; it should be enough time for fertilization. However there are some causes of defect cases. First of all is the lack of follicle production. There are two possible reasons that led to it. Your body does not produce enough FSH or there is a problem in the lining of the uterus. In addition, there are other problems of the corpus luteum is bad. Some studies also mention that as a result of the lack of response from the lining of the uterus. There are many failures caused by weak levels of progesterone that the body will be weakened for five to seven days of ovulation.

So, what should we do to anticipate the problem? Most women are not aware of the rumor. But with so many information and referral, you should be able to prevent the worst possibilities of luteal problems. There are several recommended solutions such as taking vitamin B6. Believe that this is an effective solution to overcome and prevent defects. In the meantime, this is actually a harmless nuisance and easy to be diagnosed and cured. And so, you just need to find out about the luteal phase length.

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